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Things we recommend to insure all areas and items can be inspected

  • Confirm that all utilities (gas, water and electricity) are turned on and that the gas pilot lights are burning.
  • Make sure pets won't hinder the inspection and inform everyone about pets to be kept inside.
  • Make sure all light fixtures have working light bulbs. If the bulb does not light, we don’t know if the fixture is bad or just the bulb
  • Make sure there are smoke detectors in every bedroom and adjoining hallway, and on every level of the home. Test to make sure the batteries are functioning.
  • Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters and verify that the filters fit properly and are secured in place.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions to view exterior foundation walls.
  • Unlock or remove locks from any items the inspector must access. Many times we will not be able to inspect areas that have been locked, such as fence gates, windows, attic access hatches or doors, electric service panels, special closets, crawl space access for pier-and-beam homes.
  • Make sure areas such as access door to electric service panels in the garage, sinks and bathtubs, ovens and cook tops, dishwasher, heating and air-conditioning equipment, water heaters, ground fault (GFCI) receptacles, attic access ladders or hatches, crawl space access for pier and-beam-construction are free from obstruction.
  • Make sure tree limbs are trimmed back from the roof and shrubs away from the house.
  • Repair or replace broken, damaged or missing items. Many times it is the small things that show up on a report that makes it appear the home has not been maintained. By taking care of these things in advance, it will make the report read much better as it will not be filled with maintenance issues.  
  • Remove autos from the garage and driveway.
  • Make sure the fireplace is free of wood or ashes and cleaned. 

Examples of defects found in Home Inspections

  • Leaking fresh water plumbing pipes visible inside the crawl space
  • Defective hardboard siding. This is a moisture and installation related defect. Common brands of siding are Texas Pacific, Louisiana Pacific, and Masonite
  • Cracked and blistering shingles allowing leaks visible inside the attic
  • Defective ground fault circuit breaker interrupter outlets in bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and outside
  • Visible open wire connections in the crawl space and attic
  • Leaking or loosely mounted toilets
  • Rotten floor joist and band joist at the front and rear door areas visible inside the crawl space
  • Cracked or broken concrete block piers inside the crawl space
  • Wet and damp crawl spaces
  • Cracks in the furnace heat exchanger allowing carbon monoxide to filter inside the house


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The Home Inspection Connection Was Founded in 2007 by David Stanteen. I am a Professional Real Estate inspector, Licensed by Texas Real Estate Commission. Providing my customers with a complete and thorough Inspection service in San Antonio, Bandera, Boerne, Bulverde, Cibolo, Converse, Helotes, Seguin, Schertz Texas and the surrounding areas.

  The Home Inspection Connection realizes that the purchase of a home is probably the largest and most exciting
investment you will ever make. It is difficult to remove any emotional attachment you may have for a home due to it's location, style, setting, etc. A home inspection will help you learn as much as you can about the property you are considering buying in an effort to help you make a more informed decision as a buyer.

   Knowing the condition of the home before you buy or sell will help to eliminate unpleasant surprises, lower your risk, and give you peace of mind. It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to make an informed decision.The Home Inspection Connection provides a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the home's major systems in a Report format with photographs that is easy to read understand.

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